The Ocean Bricks System (OBS) is a modular, flexible and cost-effective system used for the construction of large marine infrastructure projects such as; artificial islands (including offshore airports), breakwatersmarinas, deep-water ports and more.

OBS is based on advanced studies in Structural Morphology and consists of sophisticated hollow concrete precast modules, with a built-in solid section in the shape of a tetra-hedron truss.

The modules are piled up on top of each other like cubes, and are interconnected to create buoyant, stiff, and strong superstructures.

OBS is an environmentally friendly technology that cuts up to 92% of the volume of the filling material of the precast modules, and can also serve as manmade habitat/sanctuary for sea fauna and flora.

The OBS technology is fully patented, supported by a worldwide array of approved patents.

Evaluators of the OBS technology:

Royal HaskoningDHV (Holland)

is an international, engineering consultancy firm with offices in 30 countries. It recommended the OBS system as a potential technology to be utilized in a planned major offshore airport project in Israel.


Moshe Civil & Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd.– A large construction engineering firm in Israel – carried out Infinite Element Model Analysis- strength and characteristics of the OBS system. It also tested the suitability of the OBS system for various marine applications.

Germanischer Lloyd

The Oceanbrick structures meet this important European standard of approval.

Braouncshwieg Technical University

Naval (Sea/Wave) Testing Laboratory, managed by the well-known Prof. H. Oumeaci – carried out a comprehensive suitability testing of the OBS system as an offshore wind turbine base, while simulating extreme North Sea conditions.