About obs

The Ocean Bricks System (OBS) is a modular, flexible and cost-effective system used for the construction of large marine infrastructure projects such as; artificial inlands (including offshore airports), breakwaters, marinas, deep-water ports and more.

OBS is based on advanced studies in Structural Morphology and consists of sophisticated hollow concrete precast modules, with a built-in solid section in the shape of a tetra-hedron truss.

The modules are piled up on top of each other like cubes, and are interconnected to create buoyant, stiff and strong superstructures.


Kobi Birenhak

CEO. Develops the overall corporate strategy, manages key clients and suppliers’ relationships, as well as day-to-day operations of the company. Kobi also developed several patents related to the OBS system.

In Memoriam

yoram alkon

The original inventor and developer of the OBS system. Served as CEO and Business Development Manager.

Dr. Eli Kent

Lecturer at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and other academic institutions. Developer of the OBS unit. Greatly contributed to the development and advancement of the Ocean Bricks System and its various uses and applications.